The next generation of amenities, simplified.

By 2050, approximately 100 million more people will move into American cities. Most of these people will live in multifamily buildings, and we need a way to connect these buildings to relevant services.

Amenify is creating an entirely new segment within the multifamily industry. We connect localized demand with trusted businesses in order to benefit residents, enhance properties, and revolutionize the way local businesses join the community.

Since its creation in 2016, Amenify has expanded from San Francisco to 12 markets with a list of clients ranging from national REITs to boutique operators that manage more than 1.1 million multifamily units.

At our corporate offices in San Francisco (HQ) and Denver, you will find a group of enthusiastic, respectful people that value diversity and a fresh take on things. While we are backed by venture capital and strategic investors, we know that our product is only as a good as the team that is behind it.

Innovation in real estate is not about just about gadgets and apps, but changing how we think about creating better resident experiences.