The working world is changing, and remote work is becoming “the thing”. In 2012, 39% of employees said they worked remotely at least part of their work week. Today, 63% of employers have remote workers on their teams.

Many on Team Amenify are part of those statistics. While we often work from a beautiful space in downtown Denver, the flexibility to work from home has been a huge benefit for our team. Whether it’s the option for last minute appointments or to simply avoid bad weather or traffic, our work-from-home policy has been a big perk. Plus, without the regular work-day distractions, you can become a time management machine.

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However, the more you work from home, the lonelier it can get. After a while, it can feel isolating and unfulfilling to wake up in your home, walk over to your desk, and spend eight (okay, maybe ten) hours there by yourself.

If you’re working from home more often than not, we’d recommend trying some activities to get out of the house and add more social interaction into your day. Below are some recommendations you can start testing.

Walk to your local park

This is an activity you can do once or twice a day if open space is close enough. If you’ve got tasks that don’t require wifi, then bring your laptop, plop on the grass, and work beneath the trees. It’s relaxing to work outside and, even if you just wave to passersby, at least you’ll be surrounded by others enjoying the same fresh air.

Become a member at a communal workspace

This option is the pricier of our recommendations but can prove well worth it for the perks. If you live in a major city, consider becoming a member at one of your local communal workspaces. Membership means you get access to their (typically) gorgeous space, as well as fast and reliable WiFi, and endless coffee or snacks. What more could you need?

Work from your favorite cafe

Speaking of coffee…a cheaper way to enjoy your fix would be to find a local coffee shop to spend an afternoon or two. Order your favorite drink, find a quiet corner, and get it done. Similar to the park, you’re surrounded by people (even if you ignore them), so when you go home, you feel like you’ve been ‘out’ for the day which makes snuggling into your couch that much more rewarding.

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Meet a friend for lunch

This is something you can do at least a few times per month. We recommend meeting friends who don’t work remotely somewhere close to their offices so you’re encouraged to get out of your neighborhood bubble. Focus on catching up on life in general instead of work. That way, you’ll always leave feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to get back to work.

Attend a networking event

We know, we know, the idea of going to a networking event after a long day of work can make you queasy (if this is you, we recommend these networking tips to ease the pain). Luckily, with your remote flexibility, you can find networking events that take place at various times. Pro tip: try finding events that kick-off first thing in the morning, especially if they’re at a local coffee shop. Enjoy your morning vice with a side of inspiration so you’re ready to own your workday like a boss.

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Join a workout class

To master this, we recommend getting an early start so you’re ready to tackle the day. You’ll be able to get in a sweat, be social with a motivated crowd, then enjoy your own shower before getting the workday started. The benefits of an early morning workout for your energy and brainpower are worth the effort.

Finally, make your work as collaborative as possible

This is by far the least time-consuming option and actually allows you to work-from-home, which is the reason you’re reading this in the first place. Start by Slacking your coworkers (or reaching out on whatever platform your company uses). Suggest video chat meetings. Make every group task an opportunity to connect. If you make an effort to reach out throughout the day, then our previous suggestions would simply be an added bonus to your week.

Do you work from home full-time or a few days a week? Give us your “WFH” tips in the comments. New ideas are always welcome here!