The holiday season should be a time of joyful moments and yummy desserts and cherished memories. But often times, it’s full of overwhelming to-dos, malfunctioning recipes, and family drama. If you’ve ever ended your Christmas day with a personal brownie pizza, you know what I’m talking about.

We’ve been there, and we’re here to help. Here are our seven tips for keeping your holiday season low stress and high fun.


Prep ahead of time.

Make menus ahead of time and decide what you will need to purchase for your holiday meals ahead of time. This way you aren’t rushing when your guests arrive or running out to the grocery store at the last minute.


Find simple recipes that you know will turn out right.

7 Easy Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

Nothing stresses me out more than trying a new recipe when I’m feeding a crowd! Use recipes you know, or at least are pretty simple to make so you don’t spend time worrying about your dishes coming out right.


Book direct.

If you are flying somewhere for the holidays, try to book direct flights whenever possible to avoid being delayed on layovers.


Pack light.

Bring only what you need. I hate to lose my luggage, but especially during the holidays since I’m always traveling with gifts in my bag.


7 Easy Tips to Avoid Holiday Stress

Ship gifts to loved ones.

Avoid traveling with gifts altogether by ordering your presents from places like or and have them shipped directly to the recipient.


Prepare for flight delays.

Especially during peak holiday travel times, there’s a good chance for delays. Be prepared for them! If you are the one traveling, bring plenty to do while you wait and some yummy snacks so you don’t have to pay airport premium prices for your snacks. If you are picking someone up, have a plan for who will pick up your guests before the day of, and make sure this person is flexible in case your guests experience any delays.


Make a “downtime” plan.

You never know when you’ll get snowed in. Any time I have guests, I like to plan some games and simple activities to do together. I pull out cards and print directions for games that can be easily learned. Open a bottle of wine or warm up some apple cider, and you are ready for a wonderful day in.

By following these easy tips, you will be on your way to a low-stress, lovely holiday season!

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