Amenify announces industry-leading insurance coverage.


SAN FRANCISCO, June 18, 2018 (Newswire) – Amenify, a technology company that powers services within apartment communities, announced today their drop-down insurance for local providers. This includes enterprise-level coverage for general liability, damages, cyber, multimedia and umbrella.

It has been historically difficult for a local business to work with institutional apartment communities due to expensive requirements and strict indemnification. This meant a lack of dedicated services for a single property, leaving residents to fend for themselves. “There is a clear need to eliminate the risk from the apartment manager’s perspective and we’re excited to do this in a way that benefits local businesses,” said Everett Lynn, CEO of Amenify.

Amenify is the first company to help us lower our costs, at scale, which means we pass that through to the residents in our communities. It’s a win-win.” Justin Roome, Edge Fitness Owner

This is a unique advantage for companies like Edge Fitness in Denver. The owner of this business, Justin Roome, lays out the math very clearly: “Our options right now are paying $500 to a gym per month, plus 50 percent of each training session. It’s too much. Amenify is the first company to help us lower our costs, which means we pass that through to the residents in our communities.”

Amenify is layering the drop-down insurance nationally. “We believe in the power of community, and an efficient marketplace is one where residents are working directly with local businesses,” the company said in a prepared statement.

Based in San Francisco and Denver, Amenify provides services for apartments, HOAs and student housing across the country.

To apply to become a dedicated provider for Amenify, go to to learn more.