As a resident of an Amenify property, you now have access to local service providers who are ready to help with day-to-day tasks like walking your dog, cleaning your apartment, working out and more. However, we realize you likely have no idea who you’re hiring to do these tasks. So, we’d like to introduce you!

If you live at an Amenify property in the Greater Denver Area, then keep reading to get to know Ashley Matuska, of Dashing Maids, a Denver-based home cleaning company that offers standard and commercial cleaning services. If you like what you read and want to hire Dashing Maids to clean your home, then you can get started by clicking here or using the links at the end of this post.

Tell us about the history of Dashing Maids. How did you start this business? What made you want to get into the home cleaning industry?

For a while, I was wanting to work for myself. When I started thinking about business ideas, I realized that I’d always just had a knack for cleaning and always enjoyed it. Doing it for others was a no-brainer. I got started by cleaning for friends and family and then it just grew from there. I find cleaning pretty therapeutic and this business has taught me so much about being an even better cleaner.

Do you find yourself cleaning for your clients or are you more involved in the business side of things?

As the owner I’ve found myself dealing more with organizing and running things behind the scenes. I do go to help out when a staff member is sick or they show up to a clean and realize they need more help. The tricky thing is, I can’t hire someone unless I have a solid amount of hours to give them so I have to go out and find the work, or clean myself, and then hire from there. But, I just love it! Cleaning for our clients helps me realize how hard the work is and helps me not to take advantage of that understanding when I hire.

What is your favorite part of your career in home cleaning?

It’s giving our clients their time back. Giving them the opportunity to go outside or spend time with their family. I like giving them the piece of mind knowing that their door handles were sanitized and their floors were cleaned. It’s just things they don’t think of doing.

I recently added my house to the cleaning rotation and I love it! It gives me more time to spend with my 3-year-old and helps me understand just how much value we’re giving our clients.

I also love my employees. They’re all so fun and I’m so glad we all crossed paths. It’s great knowing that I created this business that brought us together. Even though I don’t see them all the time, we’re all close and I just love my team.

What challenges have you faced in your business? How have you overcome them?

They’re mainly standard issues that most small businesses face. I’ve struggled with finding clients I want to service, finding my niche, compartmentalizing my business and shutting my brain down at the end of the day so I can be present with my family. I would be doing this 24/7 and never stop if I didn’t set intentions for my day and be present wherever I am. Whether that’s cleaning, working with a team member, with family, I just need to be more present. Everything else is just small business stuff like taxes, payroll, etc.

How did you start working with Amenify and how have we helped your business?

I got a phone call from Abby [Amenify employee] a couple of years ago and, unfortunately, I field a lot of sales calls so I wasn’t sure what it was about. But after I met her, I thought it was a really cool and really exciting opportunity. Before Amenify, we didn’t typically clean apartments so it was great to be able to open up that door and tap into that audience. People who live in apartments want to spend time outside in Colorado too! The close proximity of the apartments has also cut down on gas and emissions which helps toward our goal of being a green business.

For every hour we spend cleaning someone’s home we’re giving them 2-3 hours back because they either don’t know how to clean efficiently or how to accomplish it quickly. It’s great to be spreading that benefit all around Colorado. I’m glad that we’re now able to reach this large market in Denver that’s only continuing to grow.

Do you have any easy cleaning or organization tips for Amenify residents?

Everything in your house has a home – keep it there! Clutter happens so fast. It happens even in my home and I run a pretty tight ship. But with a 3-year-old, in 5 minutes there are pillows on the floor, toys everywhere, everything is a mess. A tidy home just feels so much better.

As far as cleaning tips, clean your shower while you’re in it! The moisture and the heat create the perfect environment for the removal of soap scum. Keep a sponge and/or squeegee in the shower and do it weekly. Just take a couple extra minutes to wipe it down.

I also recommend batching your cleaning tasks. Just break it up so you do the small tasks daily. Dust one day, spot clean surfaces the next, and do the floors later in the week. If you break tasks into 15-20 minutes sessions then you can have your whole house cleaned each week.

We heard you organize a volunteer clean-up day for the local community. Can you tell us more about this effort (when is your next one)?

It’s been a small effort thus far but I invite my employees and clients to join us in cleaning up a public space. We pick a park and go pick up trash and clean the area. It just helps to keep up with things that the city doesn’t do on a daily basis like when animals get into trash bins etc.

Our next event likely won’t be until the spring so the weather is better, but I will provide information on this as it gets closer!

What’s song or music do you listen to when you clean?

My favorite song is “Pigeons” by Widespread Panic. I love it, it’s got a good beat. Not that that’s the only thing I listen to but I do love it. One of the lyrics in the song is “there’s no sense in washing the windows if there are pigeons on the roof” so there’s a fun cleaning aspect to it!

My team loves to listen to Podcasts while they clean. I find I can’t multitask, it’s just too much to focus on, but they love it!

Do you have a home cleaning horror story that you’d be willing to share?

I’m lucky that I don’t have any that I’ve personally experienced. But I’m friends with a lot of other cleaning business owners throughout the country and they share some crazy stories! I’ve heard about hoarders, dead animals, and even clients who are nudists and are there while you’re cleaning making a sandwich in the buff. That kind of crazy stuff. I guess Coloradans are pretty mild comparatively!

What do you do in your free time?

We go see a lot of live music because there are so many great venues here in Denver. I have a 3-year-old son so we do a lot of camping, bike riding, active stuff outside. We have a big garden in our backyard so that takes up a lot of our time in the summer.

What alternative career path might you have taken if you didn’t start Dashing Maids?

I was pretty gung-ho about going to dental school. I took a vocational program in high school and competed in health occupation contests. I majored in Biology so that was always the plan. But then I realized that I don’t do that well with blood so a dental career ended up not working out! I got to assist with an extraction once and I was borderline passing out so I switched gears. That and organic chemistry classes – I hated them!

What is your dream travel destination?

Every time I think about traveling I just want to go everywhere. But, I have been to Japan and I loved it and want to take my son back. I want to see all of Asia!

What’s your favorite food or local restaurant?

Illegal Pete’s! I love it so much. The fish tacos, the queso, everything. We eat there too much but we love it. They just opened one on our side of town so that’s not helping.

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