Ever have a bad customer service experience? Perhaps it was your cell phone carrier taking forever to answer your call, or your favorite airline canceled your flight for no reason. We’ve all had those moments when we need a little Namaste.

How about this: Ever had an angry customer that you had to deal with at your job, and couldn’t quite make them happy? Hopefully not, but the worst thing in the world is not being able to improve your customer’s experience when you do actually care.

One of the great tools that Amenify has built for your property managers is a way for them to gift our services to you at the click of a button. That’s right, we know what it’s like to want to make your customer happy but not being able to do it instantaneously.

We also know that, well, things happen in the apartment industry. Leaks, noise, construction, loud neighbors, and even bad move-in experiences. Now your property manager can gift you a free massage, a complimentary apartment cleaning, or even some Lyft credits to make an inconvenient situation better.

We work with a lot of property managers and guess what? They’re good people. And they care about their residents…that’s you. But they’re also — literally and figuratively — putting out fires on the property on a daily basis and trying to handle the worst things first.

So, the next time you come home to a leak in your bathroom, or wake up to construction noise and dust right outside your window, here are five steps to help your property manager help you:

Step 1: Call your property manager.

Morning is better so they’re in a better mood.

Step 2: Tell them about the leak in your bathroom.

And how you now need to use your roommate’s bathroom…and tell them exactly how dirty she keeps her sink. (Seriously, does she know how to use a paper towel or…?)

Step 3: Find out how long it’s going to take for maintenance to fix the issue.

When you get the answer, you can remind them that a free massage from Amenify would REALLY help having to use your roommate’s dirty bathroom for another week!

Step 4: Listen on the phone as your property manager logs into Amenify and issues you a free massage.

It should only sound like 3 clicks. If it sounds like more than 3 clicks she’s probably also ordering lunch online.

Step 5: Enjoy your massage and get on with your life.


Side note: Also, think about using that free service for an apartment cleaning instead. Oh, and put in the request that you’d like extra focus on your roommate’s bathroom. 😉