You’ve seen the #NewYearNewYou posts everywhere and, as annoying as they can be, they’ve helped you realize that you’re ready to make some healthy lifestyle changes.

First, good on you for deciding to improve!

Second, if you’re new to this whole dieting thing, it’s going to take some time to adjust. Our advice? Try one of the below tips every few days. Don’t pressure yourself to master eating healthy right away. Remember, it takes 30 days to forge a habit so give yourself a month before upping the ante.

Tip #1: Practice portion control

If your goal is to lose weight and eat healthily, portion control is a good place to start. An easy way to start measuring serving size is to use half your fist for carbs, a full fist for protein, and your thumb for fats. You can also use the plate trick and fill a quarter with protein, a quarter with starch/carbs, and half with veggies.

Bonus tip: Use smaller plates and bowls so your mind thinks you’re eating more than you are. Nothing kills a diet like letting your eyes get bigger than your stomach!


Tip #2: Veggies are your friends — keep them interesting!

Roast ‘em, grill ‘em, pan fry ‘em. When it comes to diets, there’s no wrong way to eat your veggies! If you think adding flavor will help you increase your veggie intake then use lots of spices when you prepare. The last thing your food should be is boring.

When in doubt, sneak them into your favorite dishes to increase your fiber intake.

Tip #3: Have fun with it

Switching up your eating habits for healthier alternatives can be a daunting task. To ensure success, keep your diet rules fun and easy to follow. Especially if this is your first time sticking to one.

We suggest watching healthy recipe videos on Tasty or creating your own personalized recipes on Yummly.

If that doesn’t work, try cooking with your friends or partner. Having company in the kitchen makes meal prep fun and keeps you accountable.

If you aren’t the world’s best chef, then maybe check out a cooking class. This will help you understand the basics and bring healthy cooking techniques to your own home.


Preferably not a class with Gordon Ramsay

Tip #4: Make it a lifestyle.

Remember, dieting is most successful when you turn it into a lifestyle. Eating healthier is exciting so embrace it and enjoy the process!

Consistency gets results. Small motivations will fail you in the long run so focus on building habits and integrating them into your personal routine.

Of course, if your diet is your new lifestyle, it shouldn’t be extremely hard. If you’re starving and stressed, you might be on the wrong plan. Do your research and test some diet plans before deciding which one(s) will work for you.

After a while, eating healthy will start to feel … normal. Like another part of you. Before you know it, eating five cookies will feel like a weird thing to do rather than your typical Tuesday ;).

You’ve got this!

Of course, dieting isn’t for everyone. The best way to ensure success is to combine healthy eating with exercise. Luckily, if you live at an Amenify property, you can take advantage of our personal training service to keep your diet plan on track. From initial consultation to establish your goals to an exercise plan that works with your schedule, they’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Learn more about our fitness services and schedule your first consultation.