Like so many others, fall is my favorite season. I love the changing leaves, cooler weather, and the yummy hot drinks; it’s a cozy season that somehow feels fresh.

I’ve always felt this way, ever since I was a kid. In fact, there are activities I did when I was a kid that I still do today. Fall is a wonderful time to embrace your inner kid. Here are my favorite fall activities that bring me back to my childhood, and may do the same for you:


Pumpkin carving
The first one that comes to mind is carving a pumpkin. I am so bad at carving the face, but there is someone so satisfying about getting your hands dirty trying to scoop pumpkin guts out of a pumpkin. I have never liked the kits you can buy with the knife and scoop. They tend to be too flimsy to really work. What does work well though is a nice sharp knife (since are aren’t children) and a big metal serving spoon. You’ll have a jack-o-lantern in no time!


Baking apple pie
My next go-to fall activity is making an apple pie. I have very fond memories of helping my mom make an apple pie as a child, and I still enjoy it today. I have found using 3 granny smith apples, and 3 other types of apples make more a more interesting apple pie. I have also found that frozen pie crusts are not “how mom used to make”, but are much more convenient than making my own, and I’ve never had to throw away any pie, so I think they must be okay.


Apple bobbing
Apple bobbing is another great fall activity that reminds me of my childhood. A fun, adult twist on this activity is to spike some apple cider (hot or cold) with some cinnamon whiskey and see how many people are able to get the apples after a few drinks. It’s a quick and easy one to set up, (you just need a bucket, water, and apples!) and it can make for a really good laugh.


Apple picking
If you live near an apple orchard, I also highly recommend going apple picking. I used to live on the east coast near a quaint apple orchard, and I remember going to pick apples every year. The orchards are gorgeous to walk through, and seeing different shapes and colors of apples is a treat.


Happy Fall!