Come home to a clean space

For us, one of the best feelings is coming home to a clean place.

Whether you’re looking to relax after a hard day at work or preparing to return to the office after a peaceful vacation, there’s something calming about walking barefoot across freshly cleaned hardwood floors, cooking in a kitchen where everything is in its proper place, or taking a warm bath in a sparkling clean tub. Keeping things consistently tidy around the house usually saves the most time, but unfortunately, constant tidiness takes time. It’s often easier to let little messes pop-up here and there. With time, little messes become big messes and big messes become the type of mess where you’re next available weekend will be spent cleaning up your house, rather than enjoying your time off work.

Clean home, happy home

For those that do hire a cleaning service, it’s a challenge to find a company that consistently delivers high-quality results. For those lucky enough to find a good cleaner, we often face difficulties around scheduling and payment…We can’t tell you how many times we’ve traded a bunch of texts trying to reschedule a cleaning because an unexpected meeting popped up on our calendar, or we forgot to leave a check for our cleaners and had to mail it to pay for our cleaning.

We know the struggle and Amenify is here to help.

Amenify’s online scheduling and payment platform was designed for the set-it-and-forget-it types. The ones that just want to know the work is getting done, done well, and don’t want to spend a moment thinking about the logistics of how it gets done. As for those times where you need a cleaning before a special occasion or want to pause a cleaning while you’re on vacation, you can reach out to our concierge who will make sure you get what you need. Our cleaners make it easier for you to walk into a clean home every day. So put on some comfy pants, schedule your first cleaning, make it recurring and no matter how messy other parts of your life might become, your home will always be clean – how relaxing.