Congratulations on booking your first cleaning service with Amenify! Our vetted service providers will have your apartment looking cleaner than when you moved in, all while you’re out enjoying the things you love most (like not cleaning your apartment on a Saturday afternoon).

However, as with most services, there are a few steps you can take to prepare for your apartment cleaning to ensure you get the best possible results. So before you put your feet up (relaxation strongly encouraged), read our tips to learn how to prepare for your first home cleaning.


How to Prepare For Your First Apartment Cleaning [4 Easy Tips]

(01) Remove Clutter

Scattered items and general clutter can make the job of a home cleaner unnecessarily challenging. If the cleaners have to spend most of the appointment organizing items, this means they will have less time to clean your apartment. Prior to their arrival, we recommend spending 5-10 minutes organizing mail and papers, removing clutter from surfaces like counter-tops, desks, and dressers, and generally tidying up the items around your apartment.

This ensures the cleaners have ample time to focus on actually cleaning your apartment rather than just organizing it.


(02) Set Expectations

Most people prefer to schedule apartment cleanings when they’re at work, or plan to be out for the day. While you’re not required to be present, we recommend at least considering being around for your first cleaning. Even if it is simply to greet the cleaners and give them some information about your home or expectations. Plus, if you’re there once the job is done, you can provide the cleaners with any feedback for next time so improvements can continually be made.


(03) Find a Safe Place for Pets

How to Prepare For Your First Apartment Cleaning [4 Easy Tips]

Even though you may not be home during a clean, your four-legged family members likely will be! Ensure they have a safe space to be during the cleaning and keep them out of the way of the cleaners. This will keep the job moving quickly and allow everyone to be at ease during the appointment. If you need to keep your pet in a specific room or space, be sure to let your cleaners know ahead of time so they can keep this in mind when cleaning your space.

When in doubt, our Amenify pet care providers would be happy to take care of your pets during a cleaning! You can book a dog walk or in-home pet care service to ensure your pets stay happy and well cared for while there are scary events like vacuuming going on.

(04) Give the Cleaners Access

This may be the most important (and seemingly obvious) step of the process, but before you leave, be sure the cleaners can get into your apartment to complete the job! This includes providing access codes to the building or lobby, and ensuring your receptionist or concierge knows the cleaners are coming if they’ll have to get through your building’s gatekeepers first.

Once inside, provide them with any key fobs or access cards needed to operate elevators and to enter your apartment. Often, you can leave these items with your front desk or even ask them what steps you can take to ensure the cleaners can get in successfully.

Most of the time, Amenify can take care of the instructions for entrance to the main buildings and complexes with front desks have copies of all keys. Codes and other instructions for entry will need to be provided upon booking your appointment if you do not have a front desk or if a code is needed to get in.

Overall, booking a house cleaning is as easy as it sounds and you’re well on your way to relaxing and enjoying some free time. These tips are simply to ensure the cleaning goes as smoothly as possible without any issues that could have easily been avoided. Of course, if you have any questions about your upcoming service, you can reach our concierge team at or by calling 877-824-5315.