Singles Awareness Day is February 15th and, although the acronym may be S.A.D., the day itself should be anything but! During a week when it seems like everyone is celebrating how in love they are, it can be hard to feel great about being single. But whether you just got out of a relationship or you’re part of the #SingleAF club, planning a day focused on self-love is the best way to celebrate you!

Put Some Extra Pep in your Step

It’s not often we give ourselves a reason to indulge in the morning, but this day is meant for that! Skip the slightly burnt work coffee and start your morning with a drink from your favorite local coffee shop. Sometimes a handmade latte or totally extravagant frappuccino is just what you need to put a big smile on your face (and in your tummy).

singles awareness day coffee date

Plan Lunch with a Coworker

How many times this week did you look up from your computer only to realize it’s 2pm and you’re starving? Don’t let Singles Awareness Day be one of those days. Block off an hour on your calendar to grab lunch with a coworker and actually leave the office. Getting fresh air and connecting with a colleague is the perfect way to break up the day.

Don’t Have Time for Lunch?

Take 15 minutes in the afternoon to #treatyourself. Buy that shirt you’ve been eyeing online but haven’t been able to commit to, order that completely unnecessary (but totally necessary) item on the BuzzFeed list you’re reading, or even book that trip to visit your bestie! Retail therapy is real, folks. And it works.

self love book the trip

Get Your Fit On

Elle Woods was right when she said: “endorphins make you happy” (and “happy people just don’t shoot their husbands,” but we’re all single here so that part doesn’t apply). Take the day as an opportunity to work up a sweat! Bring your gym bag to work and make plans with a friend to work out. You’ll not only start the weekend on the right foot, but leave the gym, or yoga studio feeling happy, confident, and strong.


Elle Woods knows the benefits of self-love therapy

Chicks Before… Bros Before…

You know how the sayings go. Have a night out on the town and raise a glass to friendship! Maybe you check out that new restaurant that just opened, play board games at your favorite dive bar, or go visit that bartender you think is kinda cute. Surrounding yourself with the people that are there for you through thick and thin is the best way to remind yourself that life is pretty great when you’re unattached!

bar with friends for self love

And Finally, Breathe.

After a whirlwind day, take a moment before you fall asleep to chill. Maybe you light a candle and grab your favorite book, or binge an episode (or 6) of the latest Netflix show – whatever your method is, it’s always nice to have some ‘me’ time at the end of the day. After all, we’re appreciating being single, right?

So don’t mope this week because you’re flying solo. Take Singles Awareness Day as an opportunity to recognize the smart, confident, and independent person you are – and celebrate it!