Service Provider FAQ

What is Amenify?
Amenify is a technology company that powers amenity services within apartment communities. Our core services include dog-walking, fitness solutions, apartment cleaning, massages, and transportation. We accomplish this by partnering with businesses in the community — not national chains.
How does Amenify invest in local businesses?
We invest in local businesses by:

– Aggregating demand with our residents
– Consolidate schedule times (e.g., cleaning on Tuesday, or dog-walking at 11:00 am)
– Foster ongoing relationships, not one-time customers
– Provide insurance to remove liability risk
– Simplify payments for everyone involved

How does Amenify insurance work?
Our drop-down enterprise-level coverage is for general liability, damages, cyber, multimedia, and umbrella.

It has been historically difficult for a local business to work with institutional apartment communities due to expensive insurance requirements.

There is a clear need to eliminate the risk from the apartment manager’s perspective, we’re excited to do this in a way that benefits local businesses.

If you’d like to take advantage of this coverage, just let us know.

How does my company benefit from partnering with Amenify?

By partnering with Amenify, your business is marketed and promoted to the residents at each property you are assigned to. Generally, there are over 100 units per property, which means you get free and immediate exposure to hundreds of new prospects with no additional marketing efforts.

Will I be representing my company?

While you are on-site and interacting with properties, you will be operating under your brand but representing Amenify.

What services is Amenify looking to provide to residents?

We provide residents with access to schedule and book cleaning, pet care, massage, and personal training. Check out our job board to see which positions we have open:

I am an independent contractor. Can I still work with you?

Amenify is looking to partner with established companies who are fully capable of immediately servicing the volume of requests that we send their way.

What if I am interested in offering a different service than what is listed on your job board?

Amenify is always open to hearing about your business and services offered. If you are interested in partnering with Amenify, please reach out to concierge@amenifyold.local.

How does Amenify market my services?

Advanced physical, digital and social marketing is established for each company at each property. This includes emails, posters, and on-site promotions at events. You will also have the opportunity to attend several events throughout the year to promote your service.

Am I allowed to accept tips?

Tips are available for our massage, cleaning, and pet care services. After each service, residents are prompted to provide a rating, review, and are able to leave a tip through our platform. The resident may also choose to leave you with a cash tip at the time of service.

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