Service Provider FAQ


What is Amenify?

Amenify is a technology company that powers amenity services within apartment communities. Our core services include dog-walking, fitness solutions, apartment cleaning, massages, and transportation. We accomplish this by partnering with businesses in the community — not national chains.

How does Amenify invest in local businesses?

We invest in local businesses by:

– Aggregating demand with our residents
– Consolidate schedule times (e.g., cleaning on Tuesday, or dog-walking at 11:00 am)
– Foster ongoing relationships, not one-time customers
– Provide insurance to remove liability risk
– Simplify payments for everyone involved

How does Amenify insurance work?

Our drop-down enterprise-level coverage is for general liability, damages, cyber, multimedia, and umbrella.

It has been historically difficult for a local business to work with institutional apartment communities due to expensive insurance requirements.

There is a clear need to eliminate the risk from the apartment manager’s perspective, we’re excited to do this in a way that benefits local businesses.

If you’d like to take advantage of this coverage, just let us know.

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