For most of us at Amenify, there is nothing that excites us more than putting plans and ideas into action in the form of travel. Even if you’ve resolved to save money in 2019, investing in travel will always be worth it. Especially if your destination is on a top travel list (like this one)! Our best advice? Pull the trigger and travel each and every time it presents itself!

Below we’ve listed our top travel destinations for 2019, categorized by preference so you can find your perfect destination in no time.


1) The Quick Getaway

George Town, Bahamas for East Coasters; Sayulita, Mexico for West Coasters

George Town Bahamas top travel destination

For East Coasters: George Town, Bahamas

Only a two-hour flight from Atlanta and a one-hour flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale — paradise is closer than you think! George Town became famous as a hub for the “island where you can swim with the pigs.” So grab your Instagram-worthy shot and then enjoy the many other things to do and wonders to see.

Pro Tip: Pack your own snorkel gear, rent a moped and head off to Tropic of Cancer beach where you can swim with hammerhead sharks. Or take a water taxi over to Stocking Island and hit up the Chat and Chill bar for a Bombay Smasher (adult beverage) before hand-feeding some stingrays.

Sayulita Mexico 2019 top travel destination

West Coasters: Sayulita, Mexico

Sayulita, Mexico is where you eat, surf, and chill, man. This relaxed hipster beach town is the perfect escape! Do a Mescal tasting, hike through the jungle, and eat your fill of fantastic street tacos after a long day of surfing. This not-so-hidden gem (sadly) is just a three-hour plane ride from San Diego.

Pro Tip: When you get to the airport, hurry past the timeshare hustlers; they will try to tell you this is where you get your ride. Taxis are regulated past the entrance and it’s safe to catch a cab. Sayulita is 45 minutes from the airport and costs around 50 USD.

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2) Epic on a Budget: Ubud, Bali

Ubud Bali top 2019 travel destination

From the mythical creature statues covered in moss to the giggling and friendly citizens to the not-so-friendly but thrilling monkeys, Bali is truly a magical destination.

One Amenify-er recently spent three weeks there and stayed in a beautiful hotel with swimming pools, got massages and avocado smoothies every day, and shopped for colorful clothes and accessories. The kicker? The entire trip cost 600 USD. Total.

Pro Tip: You can tour “Homestays” or hotels before you book. It’s customary to ask to see the rooms before you pay.


3) The Perfect Weather Escape: Split, Croatia

Split Croatia top 2019 travel destination

The travel dilemma? You hate being cold, but your partner hates being hot and sticky. The solution? Split, Croatia, a gorgeous coastal town that offers the perfect temperature of 70° F or 21° C. Split has Mediterranean weather, sunny beaches, and fascinating history and culture.

Pro Tips: 
– Stay in the old town part of the palace.
– A kabob is not a stick with grilled meat on it!
– Don’t forget to rub the big toe of the giant wizard in the town center for good luck.


4) Take Your Pooch to See the Puffs: Outer Hebrides, Scotland

(AKA the most pet-friendly destination on our list)

Isle of Lewis Scotland top 2019 travel destination

Did you know that Scottland is unofficially the most dog-friendly place on the planet? Don’t hesitate to bring your four-legged friends with you to this gorgeous country for some real adventure.

Pro Tip: Rent a car and cruise through the Outer Hebrides where the puffins nest and breed. With pet-friendly hotels and unusual places to hike, the Outer Highbrides should be at the top of your list of travel destinations in 2019.


 5) Foodie Paradise: Crete, Greece

Crete Greece top 2019 travel destination

No matter what kind of food you consume–whether it’s vegan, vegetarian, celiac, soy-free, dairy free, etc.–Crete will have every feast imaginable for you to indulge. Did we mention you can enjoy your cuisine next to the stunning turquoise waters of the Mediterranean? Make that a one-way ticket, please!

Pro Tip: Stay in the old Venetian harbor in Chania and avoid renting a car. Instead, you can wander around all day getting lost in the romantic streets drinking Ouzo and taking in the culture, art, and history.

That completes our list of the top 2019 travel destinations, picked by Team Amenify. All you need to do is figure out, where to next? 

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Let us know which destination(s) speak to you in the comments. Or, better yet, suggest a destination of your own! We’re always looking for new places to explore. 

Happy (and safe) travels, everyone!