Valentine’s Day is right around the corner which means the (slightly annoying) pressure is on to impress your special someone. However, we’re firm believers that love can be celebrated on any budget. Whether you’re ballin’ with a dollar or ready to splurge on The One, our unique date night ideas will have you, and your wallet, covered!

Date Night Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank

Don’t let your spending cap limit the romance! If you’re pinching pennies, then date-night-in is the way to go. Just the two of you (and Netflix) relaxing with a bottle of wine? Sounds pretty priceless to us.

1) Takeout by Candlelight

You may be on a budget, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fancy! Light some candles, order your favorite, budget-friendly, meal (who says Chipotle isn’t romantic?) and enjoy takeout with some ambiance. Bonus points if you dine picnic-style with some blankets on the living room floor.
Budget Score: $

2) Cook up something new

Save some money by preparing dinner at home, but with a twist. Scour Pinterest for a recipe you’ve never made before and challenge yourself with new ingredients or cooking styles. Choose a recipe you’re both excited to try, have fun with the learning process, and then enjoy the tasty benefits!

Better yet, skip the grocery store and let our partners at Shipt do the shopping! Their personal shoppers will pick-up your items and deliver them to your door within 2-hours. Spend less time in the aisles and more time with your sweetheart. Date night done right!
Budget Score: $

3) Board Games FTW

When you’re on a budget, movie nights become a weekly occurrence. Switch things up for V-Day with a game night in your PJs. Go for the two-player classics like Scrabble and Battleship – loser does the dishes!
Budget Score: $

couple on romantic valentines day yet

Date Night Ideas for Flexible Spenders

If you’ve got the budget, use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to get off the couch and enjoy a night on the town. Of course, we don’t just mean dinner and a movie (boring). We mean dates that break-up the monotony and get you and your sweetheart trying something new. Because who wants to spend money on the same ol’ dates?

1) Take a Dance Lesson

Spend some quality time with your sweetheart while learning a new skill! Whether you’re into ballroom classics or ready to get sultry with salsa, stepping out of your comfort zone and onto a dance floor will make it a night to remember (and be money well spent). For some added humor, make it a double-date and challenge your friends to a dance-off post-class!
Budget: $$-$$$ (search websites like Groupon for local deals)

2) Sing Karaoke

If dancing isn’t your thing, then maybe belting your hearts out will be! Head to your local karaoke club and pick your favorite songs from the year or decade you met. Splurge on a private room for the two of you so you can sing your favorite guilty-pleasure songs at the top of your lungs.
Budget: $$-$$$

3) Go Ice Skating

For most of us in the northern hemisphere, Valentine’s Day falls right in the middle of winter which can limit outdoor date options. We say, embrace the chill and bundle up with your sweetheart for a night on the ice. Skip dining out beforehand to make this another budget-friendly date night option. Just don’t forget the hot chocolate!
Budget: $-$$

date night couple on a roof top

Date Night Ideas for Those Ready to Splurge

There are plenty of reasons to “go big” for love. Maybe you’ve got a new special someone in your life, or it’s your first Valentine’s Day as husband and wife. Whatever the reason, if you’re ready to celebrate your sweetheart in style, then these date night ideas are for you.

1) Go to an Event

Grab tickets to a game, catch your favorite band in concert, or even splurge on a play at your local opera house. If possible, surprise them with choice seats and spend the night celebrating the interests that brought you together in the first place!
Budget: $$$-$$$$

2) Couples-Massage or Spa Day

Nothing says love like pampering your significant other with a day of relaxation and bliss. Gift each other a trip to the spa and enjoy couples massages, facials, mani/pedis, and whatever else you can. Bonus point if the steam room is co-ed (get your mind out of the gutter…).
Budget: $$$

3) Make it a Valentine’s Day Weekend

Why limit your celebration of love to one day? Be spontaneous by booking a room at a local resort, or road trip to a new destination and treat your loved one to a weekend away. While there, take advantage of the local dining, adventure, and nightlife activities for a staycation you won’t forget. Just remember, you’ll likely have to go even bigger for Valentine’s Day next year…;)
Budget: $$$-$$$$

We know that Valentine’s Day can seem like an excuse to spend money, but celebrating your relationship is never a waste. Embrace the tradition and let your significant other know just how much you care with a dedicated evening (or weekend) together. As we’ve proved above, this can be done on ANY budget!