Meet Ashley Matuska, Founder & CEO of Dashing Maids.


Why We Partnered with Dashing Maids


Dashing Maids is Amenify’s exclusive cleaning provider in the Denver market. We’re proud to partner with Ashley because she has not only built a successful company, but she also challenges herself to be a leader in the community.

“I started Dashing Maids with the intention of it becoming the friendliest and greenest cleaning service in the Denver area,” Ashley says. “From Dashing Deeds Volunteer Clean-up Initiatives to partnering with Cleaning For A Reason to donate free cleanings to women battling cancer, Dashing Maids’ impact on the community is more than just cleaning toilets.”

We couldn’t agree more. Ashley made it easy to partner with Dashing Maids — her company has a history of success and visionary leadership.

Here are a few more reasons why we partnered with Dashing Maids:


Commitment to Green

Dashing Maids has selected cleaning solutions that are eco-friendly, sustainable and produce no harsh smells or odors. They are also known for lightly misting a lavender essential oil spray after each clean, for a fresh and calming environment when you arrive home.


Hiring Only The Best

Dashing Maids prides itself on hiring an exceptional team. They filter through over 100 cleaning specialist applicants before hiring a single new team member. They then spend another month training these new members so that they are meeting Ashley’s high standards.

We are proud to partner with local providers who create a team that enjoys their work and in return stays with the company long-term.


Bettering The Community

Dashing Maids takes care of their employees by offering benefits, such as bonuses of massage and acupuncture.

What stands out even further is they look beyond their team and work to better the Denver community at large. Twice a year Dashing Maids teams up with its friends, neighbors, and customers to clean up local streets, parks, and neighborhoods. They call this a Dashing Deeds Team Clean Up event and we Amenify are joining in on the next one!


Making our Mission Possible

Delighting residents is our mission, and Dashing Maids makes that possible by creating a clean and inviting space for residents to come home to. Dashing Maids truly loves what they do, and our residents can sense that, which creates a positive ripple effect one cleaning at a time.