Imagine your perfect day as a property manager.

You arrive at work around 8 a.m. From then until midday, you read and respond to various outreach, such as voicemails, email, and traditional mail.

You go to lunch, check your social media, see how your friends and family are doing.

Then afternoon hits and you show a few interested renters your open units. A maintenance issue or two arise, and your residents are understanding about it.

You head home around 5 p.m., and your board and boss don’t bother you with questions, because you had the time to communicate with them during business hours. You disconnect once home and sleep well, without a single emergency interrupting your slumber.

We can hear you laughing from here.

We know this is rarely, if ever, the case. An atypical day is a typical day for a property manager. Your 9-to-5 is more 9-to-9. Your to-do list never ends, and it feels like no matter how hard you work, your customers are never happy.

We feel your pain. That’s why we built time-saving property services — like event coordination, fitness classes, and concessions — into our multi-family amenity software.

Check out those services below:

Event coordination

Amenify handles every aspect of the event (really). We create flyers you can place in your building, we provide the food and drink, we coordinate setup, we host the event and organize games and prize raffles, and we clean up at the end of the night.

“The event went great! We had a solid turnout and everyone had a lot of fun. Food and drink was great, positive feedback on the rec room, and we ended up with 14 positive online reviews. Definitely looking forward to our future events.”
-Ben O., Community Manager, Arrive 800 Pennsylvania Apartments

Plus, we offer numerous community events in our monthly event series so options don’t get stale with your residents. Whether it’s a Sip & Paint Night, Pool Party, Wine and Massages, or our fall favorite, Pups & Pumpkins, we make sure every event is a hit.

Fitness classes

Residents today expect more from their apartment complexes than ever before — specifically, when it comes to healthy living. In the past three years, renters have emphasized that fitness and healthy living are services they look to their properties to provide.

Make it known to your residents that you prioritize their wellness. We coordinate fitness classes at your property gym, from scheduling to vetting a dedicated trainer to helping you market the classes. All at an affordable pricetag.


Bad things happen every day in the apartment industry, from water leaks to noise complaints to bad move-in experiences. We make it easy to improve your customer’s experience with our concessions tool. Gift Amenify services to your residents at the click of a button. A free massage, a complimentary apartment cleaning, or even some Lyft credits can alleviate the unhappiest of residents.

Translation? Your job just got easier. Maybe that perfect day isn’t so far away, after all.


Save on marketing spend, elevate your property brand, and increase resident happiness.

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